An open and multistakeholder consortium
The partnership is composed of key stakeholders of the VET system: two major networks representing VET at EU level and guaranteeing an EU-wide coverage: EVTA – the European Vocational Training Associations based in Belgium and EVBB – the Europäischer Verband Beruflicher Bildungsträger (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training) based in Germany. From these networks, BFI and IB, as members of EVBB will together with relevant European stakeholders and regional companies validate and test the evolved benchmarking tool. BFI and IB have an operative role in benchmarking piloting and validation. EVBB has involved BFI and IB as main contributing members in the project-consortium. BFI and IB conduct the piloting of the common results in close cooperation with companies.A third network, MENON – based in Belgium, is involved and made responsible for dissemination given its solid networking capacity. Tavistock Institute, member of MENON, provides its experience as a research and evaluation organisation. The Chamber of Commerce of Granada (Spain) represents the world of work. SOPHIA R&I based in Italy, represents the world of research and brings in its long-lasting experience in policy analysis in the field of VET and its experience in benchmarking design in the field of learning . Fiatest is a Romanian training and consultancy company focused on quality management and Quality Assurance for VET.

More in detail:
is the largest vocational training European Community that supports the networking of labour market actors and includes experts in the field of mobility, lifelong learning strategies and specialists in different professional sectors. EVTA members include public and private institutions and organisations in the field of vocational training and of integrated vocational training and employment services. It includes members from 12 EU countries. As applicant, it will support the coordinator in Project management (WP7) and the leader of quality and evaluation activities (WP8). In line with its mission and networking capacity, it will coordinate WP 5, consensus building and mainstreaming.

is a not for profit Association which was created in 2009 in Rome to promote the participation of Italian public and private organisations in R&D and Innovation programmes, manly supported by the European Union.
In this respect SOPHIA provides consulting and management services to both the public and private sectors, and more importantly it participates in real projects in order to keep the pace with technological and methodological innovation especially, but not exclusively, in the area of Education and Training.
All the founding partners are senior professionals with decades of experience in such fields as European Programmes, IT applications, Education and Training, Innovation at large.
SOPHIA is involved in a number of financed projects, contributing to the project funded research activities, involved in the development of innovative learning platforms, methodologies, and training approaches or in the project’s quality and evaluation activities.
SOPHIA will lead WP3 Benchmarking development building and WP7 Project management.

is an European umbrella association of independent and non-profit vocational training institutes. Its aim is the qualitative improvement of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in European countries. 42 vocational training institutes and associations from 22 European countries are members of the EVBB. In total the EVBB oversees more than 35.000 employees in more than 1.500 vocational training institutions. Given its networking capacity and target groups’ outreach it will coordinate WP4 Benchmarking piloting and validation.

Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich – Institute for Vocational Advancement (BFI OÖ) is an Upper Austrian vocational training institution that meets the new requirements of labour in the 21st century. Since 1960 BFI offers VET-courses, seminars, formal education at secondary and third level, trainings for the reintegration into the Labour Market, Special measures for disadvantaged youth and migrants at 5 Regions of Upper Austria with 45 Locations. For continuous quality assurance and development of innovative vocational training and educational programs BFI OÖ works together in close cooperation with many companies in different sectors and is involved in the National Union of workers (Founding member).
BFI OÖ also has become a market leader in all forms of re-entry into the job market, second-chance education and vocational qualification in health, social and other service jobs with 60.000 participants per year. The educational and occupational schemes are designed and organised in close co-operation with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) – which is a main source of financing of the organisation – and companies. Since 2004 BFI Upper Austria IB is member at EVBB (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training) and has a close working cooperation with EVBB.

The Internationaler Bund (IB) is one of the largest Training Provider Organisations in Germany. More than 12.000 people work for the IB in 700 facilities and branches in 300 locations, helping 350.000 people and citizens every year all over Germany.
The purpose of the IB is to help people develop in a spirit of freedom, to shape their own lives, to integrate into society mainly in the labour market, to take on personal responsibility and to participate actively in the development of the civil society. One main field of the IB activities is in Education and Vocational Training (VET), working in more than 100 professions. IB is the largest member in EVBB (Europäischer Verband Beruflicher Bildungsträger), working very close together with EVBB.

has been working in the field of education innovation since 1999 in more than 30 countries, in Europe, Latin America and Asia. In these regions, MENON can count on an extended network of partners and experts in its fields of interest and can mobilise the energies of a number of key actors and networks in these areas. Thanks to its international team of experts, MENON can work in 12 languages and in many different cultural environments. Given its networking and dissemination capacity, it will coordinate WP6 dissemination and valorisation. Menon is also part of the Consortium, which constituted itself as EQAVET Promotion Unit on behalf of the EC and the EACEA. The Unit enhances the cooperation between the selected EQAVET projects through integrated network based dissemination and regular seminars aiming at pooling and consolidating the projects outcomes. It is essential for these projects to be part of the same strategic and result-oriented action, aiming at increasing their impact and their reach at the EU level.

Tavistock Institute
is an independent social science research, evaluator, consultancy and training organisation. It was established in 1947 with its founding and continuing purpose of applying social sciences to contemporary social problems. We conduct research and evaluations and work to develop the theory, methodology and practice of review, assessment, research and evaluation studies.

has implemented over 50 projects internationally and nationally funded, out of which the majority was related to adult education, QAVET, quality and information safety management systems implementation. FiaTest is operating on the Romanian and European VET market, offering training programs and consultancy focused on Quality Assurance in education. Given its experience in the field of benchmarking for VET (through the BEQUAL project), it will coordinate WP1 (methodology) and WP2 (good practice analysis) and ensure that the approach adopted has an impact on qualifications frameworks.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Granada
offers activities and services that promote the management of companies, technical assistance, training, internationalisation, employment opportunities for professionals. It will coordinate WP8 quality and evaluation to make sure an industry perspective is incorporated in assessing impact and effectiveness of the project.