The VETWORK on-line community will allow experts and practitioners to interact “around” the VETWORK results. It will be a virtual discussion place addressing primarily target users (VET institutions, organisations and companies employers) as well as all relevant stakeholders, and will serve several purposes:

1) to enhance a benchlearning exercise, meaning that the users of the benchmarking tool will be able to comment and discuss the results of their benchmarking in a constructive perspective (with exchange of good practices and sharing of experiences;

2) to support thematic discussions among members on the focus areas identified by the project;
3) to function as a virtual meeting place for the members of the Stakeholders Roundtable who will be able to follow up the discussions of the foreseen Stakeholders’ meetings.
The community will also have a key role in ensuring exploitation of project results and sustainability of the project in the long term, as the plan is to keep it alive beyond the contractual end of the project.